As the school year winds down, it’s time to start thinking about taking a summer vacation! You (and three other friends) are going to plan a dream vacation that will last for 7 days.

Select a vacation location in Greece, Egypt, or China and then decide what activities you want to do. You have a maximum of $3,000 (U.S.) per person to spend.  The money must cover travel, a place to stay, food, entertainment/activities and souvenirs.

The Task

You are fired up and ready to go!  Now you must make important decisions regarding your vacation.

First, you will use resources that will help you gather information to help you plan and organize your vacation. Then, you will use this information to create a PowerPoint presentation that tells about your trip.

The presentation will include a cover page, a map showing your destination, an itinerary telling what you did, at least 5 pictures with captions showing where you went, a one person summary with questions, a spreadsheet showing how you spent your money and a postcard that briefly describes your vacation.  A final one page paper will be written to summarize your project, as well as, your feeling about the project.

Process & Resources

Step 1: Use the Internet to gather information for your vacation plan. Some of the information can be saved on the computer, but other information might be easier to write down.

Listed below you will find some informative travel Web sites that will aid you in your search for your information:

Note: You will have to type in search words, such as the name of your destination, in the search box of some of the Web sites.



Step 2: You will design a cover page for your project. Include the name of your destination, your name, date of the trip, and appropriate graphics.

Step 3: Design a map page that shows where you went.

Step 4: Make an itinerary that briefly tells what you did each day.

Step 5: Gather some pictures showing what you will do.  Create 5 slides showing where you went and what you did on vacation.  Write a brief caption for each picture.

Step 6:  Fill out the one person summary and answer the questions to go along with the table.

Step 7: Create a spreadsheet showing all your expenses. Insert titles for your table. Use formulas to compute the total for each day. In addition, you will insert an average row at the bottom to compute the total for each category (i.e., lodging, meals, etc.).

Step 8:  Create a Postcard to briefly describe your vacation.  (This can be electronic or handed in.)

Step 9:  Write a one page reflections paper.  The paper should summarize your project, as well as, your feeling about the project.  (This should be typed – double spaced, Times New Roman Font, 12 point font)

Step 10: Present your summary to the class in 5 - 10 minutes.

Participation will be graded on how you use class time as well as how you are as an audience member during the presentations. 


Cover Page – 5 points

Map – 5 points

Itinerary – 20 points

Pictures & captions – 30 points

One person Summary Sheet - 20 points

Spreadsheet – 35 points

Postcard – 20 points

One page summary reflecting on the project – 25 points

Participation - 25 points

Presentation -  15 points

Now that you have successfully planned a vacation, let your parents know that you are ready to help them plan a terrific vacation for your family this summer!
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