7th Grade Weblinks (Webquests and Online Research)

Southwest Asia: Travel Brochure

During the week of January 24, we will be creating travel brochures to advertise/highlight the history and culture of one country in Southwest Asia!  Students will use a brochure template to add images and text.  (see hyperlink above)

Thanksgiving Holiday Geography Practice!

Click on the following links:

7th Grade Current Events!

Current Events!

Every week we will examine events in the news. I will assign a topic on Monday and you have until Friday to locate an article on that topic.  We will present our findings every week, unless notified otherwise.  You are to analyze that article using the questions on the Current Events worksheet; or by identifying:

1. Article Title
2. Author's Name
3. News Source (Title of Newspaper or web address)
4. What? (summarize in your own words!)
5. Who?
6. When and Where?
7. Why is this important?
8. How does this connect to you personally?

Here are a few helpful news sources:

Current Events Report Form:

Week of 9/27: TOPIC: Haiti Earthquake
Week of 10/18: No current event due (MEAP testings)
Week of 11/1: New Governor in Michigan
Week of 11/22: No CE
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